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Hunter ref. :iconsketch0-0:Sketch0-0 0 2 I can't wait to meet you :iconsketch0-0:Sketch0-0 2 0 Deviant Art Muro Fail :iconsketch0-0:Sketch0-0 1 5 First Post: My oc Milo :iconsketch0-0:Sketch0-0 1 0


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Hunter ref.

Hunter Morgan-Benjamin Miller



Species: Gray legitimate class (demon/angel)

DOB:December 15



Backstory:(warning a bit edgey) Hunter’s mother and father died in a murder suicide. Though he was two he still remembers. When Pythia tried to get him so she can take him back home and take care of him (she had legal guardianship) He disappeared. After four years, Hunter was found near Pythia’s home and since then, he has been in her care

Personality: He’s very aloof and isn’t one to talk to others, other than his immediate ‘family’. He has little regards for other people’s emotions other than those close to him. He is very protective and doesn't joke around. He tends to work a lot so he can one day financial save his family if he needs to. He is emotionally unstable if you try too close to him.




Self Control:9.5/10



Loyalty: 3/10

Honesty: 1/10

Phobia: Autophobia (fear of abandonment)

Chronophobia (fear of the future)

Somniphobia(fear of sleep)
I can't wait to meet you
I tried to redraw the picture I posted earlier only pregnant. It was my first time drawing someone pregnant, I kinda regret not using a reference but it's better than the one I did in deviantart muro.
Hay, my name is Sketch. I'm new to deviantart (by that I mean I made an account and did nothing with it for like two months) but I've been drawing digitally for about three years and I've been drawing on my computer for about three weeks now. Though I'm not struggling a lot I feel that the small things I struggle now will come back to bite me in the end. 

    Most of the things I struggle with is incorporating poses into my drawings even though I can sketch them. I was wondering if anyone out there has any sort of advice for me.

Thank you for your help.
First Post: My oc Milo
Hello, My name is Sketch or Sketchy. I've had a deviantart account for a few months now and I decided to post my oc here. 

    His full name is Milo Dillan Lockhart. He's sixteen years old(DOB: December 15) with purple eyes and black hair (my colors need some work). he's part human part fallen angel which in my "world" makes him something called a gray, a creature not definitively evil nor good but mixed. He has another form but I'll post it some other day. Milo, unlike my other oc's, had a pretty decent childhood. He was a bit neglected as a child but that was only because of the divorce between his fallen angel mother and human father. In the end, after some 'bad choices' by both parents they ended losing custody and his new care taker is my other oc, Pythia (I'll post her later) 

    He's a very likeable person but too cocky and jumps into everything with too much confidence. Because Pythia want to protect him from the word of sorcery, he doesn't know magic whatsoever. He's a glass half full kind of person but knows when to give up. He likes picking up a fight but he doesn't have a temper. He isn't one to commit to anything school, work or relationships. He liked blending in and he's too curious for his own good.

He is 5' 8 feet tall, 121 pounds which (according to google) is about 54.88 kilograms (I put too much thought into this ^^). He acts likes an average teen, his likes include being around people, assaulting people below him, annoying his close friend Hunter (another one of my ocs and my oldest oc), dawn and dusk, the woods, dogs and praise. He doesn't like any sort of work, school, the mention of parents or family, secrets (something Hunter has a lot of) silence and cats. His phobias include  Thanatophobia (fear of death) and Gamophobia (fear of commitment) 

I hope you like my oc, I did my best to give him a personality, but it's kinda hard I'm just afraid of looking like an idiot.

Thank you for reading this long explanation or not...I don't know.

Edit: Also something else I'd like to add. Milo's eyes are purple and in anime that's normal like Yuno Gasai's pink eyes from future diaries or Sebastian Michaelis' red eyes from Kuroshitsuji but in my oc world their are only normally colored eyes (green, black, brown, blue ext..) so his eyes are a bit of an abnormality. 


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United States
I draw, write a bit. I mostly draw my oc, I get too worked up when drawing fanart. It's not that I fangirl while I draw, I'm just afraid of messing up, that's all. I might not post here but I'll try.

Also feel free to talk to me, but please, no rp.


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